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6/22/2024 : 1:04 am : +0200



Dear Guests!

We would like to indicate, that we have no deep fryer and that all fried main and side dishes are prepared with vegetable oil in frying pans!


Clear soup with liver dumpling
3,50 Euro

Clear soup with sliced pancakes
3,30 Euro

Goulash soup
4,00 Euro

French onion soup
5,10 Euro


Open sandwich
4,20 Euro

Viennese Sausages with mustard and horse radish
3,50 Euro

Viennese Sausages with goulash gravy
5,10 Euro

Small beff Goulash
6,20 Euro

Omelette or fried eggs with ham, bacon or cheese
5,10 Euro

Special toast with ham and cheese
3,50 Euro

Salads from the "Vienna Vegetable Gourmet Region" and "Gourmet Region Marchfeld seasonal Vegetables"

Roasted slices of turkey on salad with herbs dressing and pumpkin seed oil
10, 90 Euro

Roasted sheep cheese in bacon coat on salad with balsamico dressing
9,20 Euro

Main dishes

Potatoes noodles in bacon coat with tomato cabbage
8,00 Euro

Large beef goulash
8,60 Euro

Pasta filled with hashed meat and white cabbagesalad with bacon
9,00 Euro

Roast pork with (potato) dumpling
8,40 Euro

Fried breaded escalope of pork with steamed rice, sliced apples and cranberries
9,40 Euro

"Cordon Bleu"
Fried breaded escalope of pork filled with ham and cheese, with fried potatoes

10,50 Euro

Fried pork liver with potato salad
8,00 Euro    

"Ötztaler Gröstl"
Sliced Potatoes, noodles, onions, bacon and ham is topped with cheese and mixed salad
8,40 Euro

"Wiener Schnitzel the real of veal"
Vienna escallop of veal with buttered rice, braised sliced apple and cranberries
17,70 Euro

"Tafelspitz - the best piece of beef"
Boiled rump with bread horse radish and roast potatoes
11,60 Euro

Fried escallop of turkey with fried potatoes and cranberries
10,90 Euro

Fried or braised "plaice" with parsley potatoes

9,00 Euro

"Waldviertler carp"
Waldviertler "carp" from the "Gourmet Region Waldviertler carp" baked with mayonnaise salad
15,70 Euro


Without meat

"Waldviertler dumplings - the real potato dumplings"
Roasted potato dumplings with two eggs

6,00 Euro

"Kärntner Kasnudeln"
Curd, Mint, Chervil and other spices in dough with butter breadcrumbs
7,50 Euro

Fried Cheese (Emmentaler - Austrian cheese) with sauce tartare and cranberries
9,00 Euro


Side salad
3,10 Euro

Buttered rice, boiled salt potatoes, parsley potatoes or fried potatoes
per port 2,50 Euro

Roast potatoes or bread dumpling
per port 2,70 Euro


"Kaiserschmarren mit Kompott"
Browned omelette with compote
7,20 Euro

Pancakes with apricots jam

4,40 Euro

Apple fritters with cinnamon and sugar
7,20 Euro

Homemade dessert
per piece 2,50 Euro
find them fresh daily in our display case!